Founder’s Community Message shared on March 2020

Dear Drivers For Survivors Supporter,

Drivers For Survivors’ growth is at a crossroad. We recently learned that we are no longer going to receive the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) Section 5310 Grant of $140,000 per year for the next two years. Without this funding, we are facing difficult choices. We know the program works. We know there is a need. We must be realistic and provide service where we can have successful partnerships in a fiscally responsible manner.

It has been over a decade since we began a mission to help cancer patients in Alameda County. Drivers For Survivors (DFS) started small with an idea, then grew through meeting hundreds of community influencers, and took off by building relationships with medical providers and volunteers. Everyone understood the impact that supportive companionship and free rides could have on cancer patients fighting for their lives. Entering our 8th year, DFS has had such an amazing impact on the community by providing over 20,000 rides to 600 cancer patients through hundreds of volunteers since inception.

We aren’t going away. I want to thank you for your continued support of Drivers For Survivors. We are going to continue helping as many cancer patients as we possibly can with the resources on hand.

Like all healthy community-based nonprofits, our focus is a solid balance, which, translates to clients, volunteers, and FUNDING. Right Now is the time to act with your support in funding to help us get solid footing while we transition to a budget that doesn’t include the 5310 Grant. It will take community support in all these ways to allow for deeper spreading roots.

With warm regards,
Sherry Higgs
Founder/Executive Director
Drivers For Survivors, Inc.


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